February and March felt like they’ve gone on forever! We are okay, and are staying at home, only leaving for essentials, and I’ve gotten a lot done already: new garden beds set up and planted, cleaned out closets, my husband took care of the storage shed, I got our kitchen about 75% organized, and I have a list of things to do while at home.

I restarted my What I Read Today posts, but they are now on my Tumblr @ tlinwright.tumblr.com. My newest post is already up!

Plans for here: I have a lot of fantasy, science fiction, romance, and classics that I already own and I’m going to read those and write up each book as I complete it in addition to my Classics Club Challenge, Well-Educated Mind List, and especially focusing on the list I already made: my 2020 Plans which included selections from my Classics Club and Well-Educated Mind lists. I’m going to start the read my shelves series with the Belgariad by David Eddings.

My Stay At Home Plans

  • Restart my Harvard Classics Readings (Already did with the April 1 reading, and I will loop around to catch up the ones I missed in February and March)
  • Restart my Bradbury Challenge (Links posted on my Tumblr post, all those updates will be over there)
  • Catch up on my saved to watch later Youtube videos and subscriptions
  • Catch up on my RSS feeds and read blogs. (I hope there’s a resurgence in using RSS to keep up to date on blogs, I have a huge list of things that don’t always update daily)
  • Restart my reading lists already posted
  • Read the writing, blogging & business books I’ve bought and take notes for use.
  • Restart Duolingo. I think the owl is Disappointed in me.
  • Start Reading My Shelves. I have 3k e-books on my e-reader (an Asus tablet) and a lot of physical books. I’m also planning on doing reviews/writeups on each book as I finish it, posted here. The first series will be The Belgariad by David Eddings.
  • I also have plans for dusting off my crochet, sewing, and baking skills, and learning how to can and knit.