TL Wright

Review Policy

Closed for review requests

But a few things to keep in mind to save time for everyone.

  • Genres I Like & Will Read: Classics, Literary Fiction, Mysteries, Thrillers, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Romance are welcome. Nonfiction is on a case by case basis and I will notify of my decision in a timely manner.
  • Formats: Physical or digital are accepted. I can read mobi or epub format files.
  • No audiobooks.
  • Self-published: I will review only the ones I either purchase myself or solicit personally.
  • Series: I will not read out of sequence. If you want me to review a book in a series, please provide preceding books.
  • I am not obligated to review any book.
  • Reviews will be posted first to my blog then to GoodReads/Amazon.

Rating System

This is just a basic rundown of the system I will be using. All reviews will have more details.

  • A (+/-) [5 stars]– Adored, will read again and recommend to others. Among one of my favorites.
  • B (+/-) [4 stars] –  Loved it but some issues with plot or character detracted. Will read and recommend.
  • C (+/-) [3 stars]– Enjoyed it, but needed a lot more to make it stand out. It may be predictable or have other issues. Will probably read sequels.
  • D (+/-) [2 stars] – Struggled to finish, didn’t like it.
  • F (+/-) [1 star] – Really struggled to finish, really didn’t like it.
  • DNF – Did Not Finish. There was a struggle to keep from throwing the book or my e-reader.
  • This rating system is not meant as an attack on the author but is a commentary on the work itself.
  • Warnings for triggering subjects, language, explicit content and other content will be used.