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Brief Update – Not A Zombie Blog Anymore

Just a tiny bit dusty here, isn’t it? Apologies, my ADD was particularly strong the past few months along with my health, and I found out I had a busted plugin. But thanks to the wonders of Google and SFTP, I fixed the issue and got everything up to date, plugin-wise.

As for content, I’m drafting ideas, and planning new things for this place. Definitely will be starting a newsletter, plus regular posts. Not reviews, I found writing reviews bores me to absolute tears, and life is much too short for that. But more book lists and discussions about books in general and particular are in order, and a new (old) project is to start on Jan 1, 2023.

I’ve read 153 books this year per Goodreads, and yes, I read them from cover to cover. I’m a quick reader, and if a book doesn’t grab me, I have no problems marking it as DNF or paused, and finding something else. DNF is for something I won’t ever try to read again, while paused is usually because it’s a library book and I couldn’t settle long enough to read it before I needed to give it back. Usually, because there are people waiting for their turn to read it.

As for social media! I started a few new profiles at some Twitter alternatives as well, I’m not a fan of Elon Musk.

Countersocial: @tlwright

Cohost: @tlwright

Readerly: Another Goodreads alternative (I already have a profile with The Storygraph). @tlwright. The website isn’t as feature-rich as the app is, so you’ll need to download the app to start your account. It does import Goodreads without having to download the CSV file, but it marked a bunch of books read that I haven’t read yet.


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