September usually means back to school and also time for my Reading Challenge! Which means today is the first day of my 30 Books in 30 Days Reading Challenge! Plus, I’m making some adjustments in tracking and posting from what I planned in my previous post. You’ll also find the booklist in the linked post.


Each Friday, I’ll post reviews of the books I’ve read up to then, and I will update my Goodreads with every book I read as I read it. Follow me there for updates.

I adjusted my plans from the earlier post because once a day is a lot because of my health and other obligations, but a weekly post is a lot more achievable. I organized the reading list by the author’s last name and then by series for the two series I’m reading, and set up a Kindle collection as well, in reading list order. Anything to make it easier to remember where I am and what I’m reading and what I need to do next. A couple of books were not purchased from Amazon, but via the World SF Storybundle, and sent to Kindle so I could read in one place. I wish there was an app that is not the Kindle that syncs progress with Goodreads and other reading sites.

Reading Challenge Method

I use the Kindle app on an Android tablet and my Pixel and Pixel 3a phones, and for books not from Amazon, I use MoonReader+ Pro paired with Calibre Companion on the devices and Calibre on my laptop. I archive all my Amazon Kindle purchases in Calibre, as Amazon has a nasty habit of pulling back books without refunds. That’ll be a post at some point, so keep an eye out!

Time to start my reading challenge with Strange Love by Ann Aguirre. It’s been in my queue since Feb of this year.