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assorted books on book shelves

Self-Education Project Part Two: The Extended Great Books Reading Plan

As I’ve written before, I’m starting a self-education plan, and this time it’s divided into subjects with a rather large reading list. I’ve been working on creating the list for a couple of years now, whenever I can.

I’ll be reviewing my grammar and mathematics skills while reading through the project, along with starting my Latin and Greek study, then add in each subject as my schedule permits.

Furthermore, I’ll be adding each book on the list to both my Gcal and Todoist, so I have a handy list in apps I check daily. If I don’t see something, I won’t think of it, so I put it in places I will see it and already have the habit of checking.

assorted books on book shelves
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Timetable Of Subjects

Language – 45 minutes dailyXXXXXXX
Mathematics – 45 minutes 3x weekly X X X 
Great Books – 2 hours 5x weekly, 1 hour weekendsXXXXXXX
Music Study – 1-2 hours weeklyX      
Art Study – 1-2 hours weekly; 1 hr study of art, 1 hr practice      X
Nature Study – 1 hour weekly  X    
Science – 45 minutes 2x weekly  X X  
Grammar/Logic/Rhetoric – 45 minutes 5x weekly XXXXXX
Movie Study – 2-3 hours weekly, write a review & analysisX      
Weekly Schedule of Autodidactic Study

Subjects to Study

  1. Bradbury Trio – 1000 days: 1 poem, essay, & short story/novella a day. Do this in addition to the reading program. I use Instapaper for this, searching for online short stories, poetry, and essays, then sending to Instapaper to send to my Kindle daily, so I can read with a comfortable screen. I’ve not been very consistent with this, but will be working on it.
  2. How To Read a Book – Chapter a day until finished, take notes and highlight.
  3. The Well-Educated Mind – 1 week. Take notes & highlight.
  4. Harvard Classics – 1 volume every week, including fiction (they get two weeks for each volume)
  5. Gateway to Great Books – 10 volumes, 1 every week
  6. GBWW – 60 volumes, 1 a week, start after finishing Gateway
  7. Combined Reading List – 1 book every two weeks
  8. Classics Club + Reading Challenges: Do along with the reading project/combined reading list (already added/will be added)
  9. TBR: work through my TBR list if not otherwise listed.
  10. Other Subjects
    • Ancient Greek {Perdisco + Athenaze + Mastrode + Duolingo}
    • Latin {Perdisco + Wheelocks + LLPSI} – goal: to read in the original language fluently
    • French {Duolingo + texts}
    • Reading knowledge of German and Italian {Duolingo + texts}
    • Math Review {Khan Academy + texts}
    • Grammar & Composition – Texts
    • Logic {Memoria Press Traditional Logic program, do after Grammar}
    • Rhetoric {Memoria Press Classical Rhetoric program, start after finishing Logic}
    • Nature Study – weekly – nature study book
    • Art Study – weekly + look at daily art’s art of the day
    • Music Study – weekly: albums, genres, eras
    • Movies – weekly: 1001 movies list, other movie lists. Write reviews & comments on the blog, Copy them to Letterboxed

Combined List

Combined Reading List – Organize by WEM methodology (novel, autobiography/memoir, history/politics, drama, poetry, science, philosophy then chronologically in each genre). Read chronologically.

Criteria for List: published in a book, published by a newspaper/magazine/college, or by someone with a literary reputation. The list should be primarily classic works or important texts that influenced people. Include a source: cite where I got the list (book or site)

I have the lists below as PDFs for my own use, but I am working on making a collated list, which will be linked here as a new page when it’s done and ready.

  • Adler – How To Read A Book
  • Bauer – Well-Educated Mind
  • Bloom – Western Canon
  • Ward – Lifetime Reading
  • Fadiman – Lifetime Reading Plan 3rd & 4th edition
  • Mustich – 1000 Books to read
  • Boxall – 1001 Books to read [all editions combined, no removals]
  • Borges – Personal Library
  • Smiley – 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel
  • Van Doren – Joy of Reading
  • Durant – 100 Books for an education
  • The Lists at Greater Books [skip the ones already listed above]
  • Prose – Reading Like a Writer
  • Foster – How To Read Like a Professor [+ Novels + Poetry]
  • Utne – Loose Canon 1 & 2
  • Vulture – 21st Century Canon
  • Guardian – 1000 Novels, Best English Language, 21st Century
  • Modern Library Lists – Editor’s Picks
  • St. John’s College – Curriculum per their website. I’ve also written down the essays they read for their Science and Mathematics Labs.
  • Any lists on R. Teeter’s site not listed above
  • Classics Club List (already on blog)
  • Reading Challenges (already on blog)

What I Read This Week

Daily posts were not working out so I’m doing a weekly post. This week’s post is just from Monday Jan 06 to Saturday as I posted a daily reading on Sunday, and next week’s post will be a full week. I had trouble this week, lol, between a tornado warning and my laptop freezing so hard I had to reboot. But I persevered.

Monday, January 6

Book: Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare
Bradbury Trio
    Poem: “South in Hundreds” by Ching-in Chen
    Short Story: “Annotated Setlist of the Mikaela Cole Jazz Quintet” by Catherine George
Simple Abundance: “Standing Knee Deep in a River and Dying of Thirst”
Harvard Classics in 15 minutes a Day: Warned by Hector’s Ghost
In the dead of night Hector’s ghost appeared to warn Æneas of the impending doom to come upon the walled city of Troy. Æneas lifted his aged father on his back and, taking his son by the hand, sought safety in flight. Off to Latium!
(H. Schliemann, discoverer of ancient Troy, born Jan. 6, 1822.)

Tuesday, January 7

Bradbury Trio
    Essay: “A Reader’s Manifesto” by B.R. Myers [The Atlantic]
    Poem: “The Artist Signs Her Masterpiece, Immodestly” by Danielle DeTiberus
    Short Story: “The Rose Sisterhood” by Susan Taitel
Simple Abundance: “How Happy Are You Right Now?”
Harvard Classics in 15 minutes a Day: If He Yawned, She Lost Her Head!
The Sultan had a habit of beheading each dawn his beautiful bride of the night before, until he encountered Scheherazade. Cleverly she saved her life a thousand and one mornings.

Wednesday, January 8

Book: The Elusive Earl (kindle)
Bradbury Trio
    Essay: “Staring At Hell” by Kate Wagner
    Poem: “Unruly” by Jari Bradley
    Short Story: “The Open Window” by Saki
Simple Abundance: “The Underrated Duty”
Harvard Classics in 15 minutes a Day: Trying the Patience of Job
God was pleased with the piety of Job, but Satan accredited the piety to Job’s prosperity and happiness. So a trial was made. See how each succeeding affliction visited on Job shook the depths of his nature, and how he survived.

Thursday, January 9

Book: N/A
Bradbury Trio
    Poem: “Did Rise” by Jessica Rae Bergamino
    Short Story: “The Daughters of the Late Colonel” by Katherine Mansfield
Simple Abundance: “What is It You Truly Need?”
Harvard Classics in 15 minutes a Day: A Treasure Hunt in Nombre de Dios
With only fifty-two men, Sir Francis Drake conceives the idea of attacking his archenemy, Spain, at her most vulnerable point the treasure at Nombre de Dios. (Drake died at Nombre de Dios, Jan. 9, 1596.)

Friday, January 10

Book: N/A
Bradbury Trio
    Poem: “Say The Word” by Sandra Beasley
    Short Story: “Sometimes You End Up Where You Are” by Beth Cato
Simple Abundance: “Until It Is Carved in Stone”
Harvard Classics in 15 minutes a Day: Where Love Lies Waiting
King Pantheus of Thebes contended against Dionysus, the God, for the adoration of the Theban women. The god was winning by bewitching the women when the king interceded. Euripides tells the story in a masterpiece of Greek drama.

Saturday, January 11

Book: N/A
Bradbury Trio
    Essay: Jesus Plus Nothing by Jeff Sharlett [Harper’s]
    Poem: “Farewell” by Alice Dunbar-Nelson
    Short Story: “Soul Searching Search Engines” by Rodrigo Assis Mesquita
Simple Abundance: “Is It Recession or Depression?”
Harvard Classics in 15 minutes a Day: Hamilton – Father of Wall Street
Hamilton organized the Treasury Department. He penned most of the Federalist papers, which were greatly influential in bringing New York into the Union – the first step toward its eminent position in national and world finance. (Alexander Hamilton born Jan. 11, 1757.)
A list by day of what I read for my various challenges

What I Read Today – January 05, 2020

What I read today for my various challenges and projects

Simple Abundance – “The Woman You Were Meant to Be”

Harvard Classics – The Soaring Eagle and Contented Stork“, essay by Mazzini. Mazzini labored for the freedom of Italy but was exiled. Byron and Goethe also battled for liberty. Mazzini wrote an essay in which he compared Byron to a soaring eagle and Goethe to a contented stork. (Byron arrived in Greece to fight for Greek freedom, Jan. 5, 1824.)

Short Story – “Last Bus to What’s Left of Albuquerque” by Carrie Cuinn

Essay – “A Tale of Two Continents: The Story of Lemuria and Gondwana” by Thomas Manuel

Poem – “The Affair” by David Baker

What I’ve Read Today – January 04, 2020

What I read today for my various challenges and projects

Harvard Classics – A Flounder Fish Story” by the Grimm Brothers

Simple Abundance – “This isn’t a Dress Rehearsal”

Short Story – “The Other Two” by Edith Wharton

Poem – “The Editor’s Ex” by Caitlin Doyle

Essay – “The Hatpin Peril” Terrorized Men Who Couldn’t Handle the 20th-Century Woman  + “The Womens’ Movement” by Joan Didion

Book – The Beast of Beswick by Amalie Howard (amazon) [I rated it 5 stars for being excellent and engrossing. A minor quibble but it didn’t make a difference to the story]

What I Read Today – January 03, 2020

What I read today for my various challenges and projects

Essay: Living in the age of Prewar by Mohsin Hamid

Poem: “Little Wife” by Marianne Boruch

Short Story: “The Bowmen” by Arthur Machen

Harvard Classics: Cicero on Friendship: pp. 16-26

Simple Abundance: “Simple Abundance: The Inner Journey”

What I’ve Read – January 02, 2020

What I've Read Today:Bradbury trio + Harvard Classics
What I read today for my various challenges and projects

Essay: “Western Civilization” means Classics…and White Supremacy

Poem: “I Am Offering this Poem” by Jimmy Santiago Baca

Short Story: “A Haunted House” by Virginia Woolf

Harvard Classics in 15 Minutes: School-Day Poems by John Milton. Read: MILTON’S POEMS Vol. 4, pp. 7-18

Simple Abundance: “Loving The Questions”

Today was a bit harder due to real life, but day 2 has been taken care of! Including my Latin.

What I read today for my various challenges and projects

Harvard Classics: Franklin’s Advice for the New Year
“Resolution: Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve”-was one of the rules for success framed by America’s first “self-made” man. Read from FRANKLIN’S AUTOBIOGRAPHY Vol. 1, pp. 79-85
Essay: “The Great Conversation” by Robert Hutchins
Short Story: “From the Diary of Sherlock Holmes” by Maurice Baring
Poem: closet with the letter ‘d’ on either end by Atom Atkinson  + New Year’s Day by Kim Addonizio
Simple Abundance: “A Transformative Year of Delight and Discovery” in Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy

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